Mr Lamine SONKO is a Senegalese and South African Citize

who is very active in the mining sector , the exploration and exploitation of natural resources , as well as other business sectors and partnerships .

Mr SONKO acquired a huge experience in these business sectors in his more than 40 years of activities in businesses like mining , natural resources , trading , partnership facilitation , company representation and as owner and manager of companies

  • Mr SONKO created in Tel Aviv , Israel , his very first company , which was specialized on precious stones trading from Zambia , such as emerald , aquamarine etc
  • Then , he created another company , in South Africa , by the name of AFRICAN EXCLUSIVE CLOTHING AND AUTHENTIC ARTS ,specialized in the trading of both precious stones and authentic African arts .

In South Africa , Mr SONKO has been and is still very connected with the LOWENTHAL Family ,one of the most important and influent ones in South Africa, in the sectors of Finance , Mining and Diplomacy .One of the members of that family , also partner of Mr Sonko in some of his companies , used to be the Chairman of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange for many years .Other members of this family have been heads or representatives of very important companies worldwide .One of them for example did play a major role in the improvement of the economic cooperation between China and many African Countries which could benefit of a lot of investments from China .

Besides , Mr Sonko is a full member of the ANC ( African National Congress ) and has always had the best connections in South Africa and its bordering countries .

Mr SONKO also represented a lot of Companies and assisted them in investing in the emerging markets , for example the African one .Thus , from 1997 to 1997 , Mr Sonko , as a Special Assistant of The KRAMER GROUP enabled that group to invest and deal with a lot of humanitarian activities .

Still in 1997 , Mr SONKO created, in GUINEA CONAKRY, a company named FASO MINING INTERNATIONAL.

In the sector of the trading of precious stones , Mr SONKO also developed a lot of activities in many African Countries , but also beyond , in Thailand and others .

Presently, Mr Sonko is the owner and CEO of a lot of companies and holds a lot mining permits , of gold , phosphate , iron ore , uranium and chromium in countries like Senegal , Mauritania , Canada ; and he also supplies mining companies top level equipments and technologies for the mining exploitation .

As far as Senegal is concerned , Mr SONKO also holds a license for Gold Import and Export granted by The Ministry of Finance

Mr SONKO ‘s companies also deal with businesses in the sectors of agribusiness , energy , transportation , real estate , tourism etc ; and moreover he recently acquired major parts of two Canadian companies specialized in lightning prevention systems , and also in the production of glue .

Owing to his background and to his huge connections in the business sector worldwide , Mr also holds several mandates from the highest Authorities of a lot of countries , and numerous foreign private companies , in order to seek financings or project execution for them .