My deep African roots , my general background , and all the experience I was blessed to have gathered all through the activities I could hold in about sixty countries in Africa and all around the world , are the two major facts that always do represent my guidelines and vision .

Those were the reasons that were conducive to my creating two Companies in my country , SENEGAL , and even to my giving them such names as SONKO ET FILS SARL and KANSALA RESOURCES SA , in reference to my family and native regions , to express my determination to always do the utmost to contribute to the economic growth of my Community and Nation .

Besides , owing to the current context of give – and – take , of higher cooperation and exchanges , of the settings of bi and multi- partnerships between sub- regional African Countries , and even at a continental level , thus following the examples in Europe and elsewhere ; and as a Panafricanist, holding both The Senegalese and South African Citizenships , being also originated from both Senegal , Guinea Bissau and The Gambia , and having lived in more than 15 countries in Africa , I decided , at my humble level , to contribute to the enhancement of the African – African cooperation .Therefore I did create , in the past , companies in other countries like South Africa , Guinea and others .This strong belief and my warm desire to contribute to the development of Africa , to the improvement of people ‘s living conditions and to the prevention of illegal immigration , were my motivation to create companies in MAURITANIA ( SONKO LOWENTHAL SARL and MINING AFRICA DEVELOPMENT SARL ) , and to my decision to create, in the future ,Companies in as many other African Countries as possible .

My creation of SONKO ET FILS CANADA INVESTMENT Inc , to finish , had to do with my deep conviction that , in this context of globalization , the establishment of mutual relationships , trade and cooperation between African Countries and the rest of the World ( Europe , The USA , Canada , China , Korea and other Asian Countries , The Middle East Countries and all The Arab World , in a win – win and fair way , are also a must .This is very crucial for African countries and their foreign partners to be able to better exploit the very numerous resources of our continent in sectors like mining , agribusiness , fishing , infrastructures , trade , energy etc etc

On my hand I will always dedicate myself , in accordance with my visions of panafricanism, but also my openness to the rest of the World , to always be creating more and more companies ,in order to always provide more and more jobs and opportunities ; but to also provide facilitation for B to B partnerships , Private Public Partnerships , Power Purchase Agreements etc etc , between Africa and the rest of the world