The project under study will focus on the construction of a hotel type star that will meet the needs of the new airport NDIASS (40km from Dakar), in terms of immediate accommodation and reduced user mobility on Dakar (the capital of Senegal), to find a residence.

Being in preliminary study, the work will end in 2013. Our first goal is to give substance to this airport project to build hotel infrastructure that will not be far from the site in question.

The region of Dakar is engorged, it continues to grow and become confused with spaces that are in its vicinity including Diamniadio, Bargny and Ndiass.
This is why the toll motorway, which is a project of the state of Senegal, which leads from Dakar to Diamniadio, is an adequate response to the expectations of urban mobility in record time, but also contributes to the decongestion of the capital. .
Thus SONKO & FILS is working on the implementation of the hotel infrastructure project in Gueréo.
The locality is located in the region of Thiès, department of Mbour rural community of Sindia upstream on popenguine and downstream on saly portudal.
Gueréo is a traditional village inhabited by Lebous and located on the coast of Senegal.
Dakar will house a new airport, located 4km from the capital, so the lack of hotel infrastructure in the area inspires the developer of the book to invest fully in a luxury hotel (4 stars), but also to so that the locality can be a pool of tourist attraction.

Indeed the village GUEREO is rich in potential which remains unexploited up to the present day notably the activated ones of fishing, and benefits from the proximity with the sea (the Atlantic ocean).

The work in question will be housed in this area, which will soon be a haven for good living and rest.
Thus the premises will cover an area of ​​2905 m 2.


The present study relates to the socio-economic, architectural and financial feasibility of a hotel complex project in Sédhiou, initiated by the investment company SONKO & Fils Sarl.
In concrete terms, the study focuses on the context of the hotel sector in the southern region and Senegal from the outset. The definition of a strategy to promote the hotel environment. The commercial device, the conditions of exploitation and sustainability of the hotel village.
Volume 2 will concern the architectural competition and plan sketches.
The methodology for conducting this study focused on a document review of the organization policies of the tourism sector in Senegal, site technical visits, interviews and field surveys, a benchmarking trip to the tourist sites of the Saloum Islands. de Mbour, to have an approach of the tourist realities outside Dakar, place of convergence of the different tourist segments; but also to have knowledge of the sector in order to establish significant innovations in the logic of the development of cultural tourism in Senegal.

Geopolitical context of the Sedhiou region
Newly erected in a regional locality, Sédhiou is, historically, a Mecca of the Mandingo culture and was once the capital of Casamance, but a mixing of populations has taken place in the meantime, which makes of the new region a extraordinary meeting pot or live in harmony the mandingues, dangling, and Man jack. In the 1988 and 2002 censuses, the population was 13,212 and 18,465, respectively. In 2007, according to official estimates, Sédhiou has 20,141 people. The isolation and lack of infrastructure in Sédhiou undermine its economic and social expansion.

Property tax base
In addition to accommodation, the resort, which specializes in river trips, water sports, tennis, meetings and the casino, will have an international label: the property tax base of the program is estimated at 65 ha.